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VCE – VisualCertExamSuite Free Download

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Download Visual Cert Exam VCE Software

1. Install visual_certexam_suite_setup.exe
2. Copy Visual.CertExam.Suite.3.0.1.exe to the installation folder.
3. Run Visual.CertExam.Suite.3.0.1.exe with Administrator right and patch
Free Download VCE  Visual Cert Exam  Software click here


Latest VCE  PRO 1.0 Software   :  Visual certexam VCE Pro 1.0  (updated April 2014)

Latest VCE PRO 1.0.1 Software :  Visual certexam VCE Pro 1.0.1  (updated May 2014)

Latest VCE PRO 1.0.2 Software  : Visual certexam VCE Pro 1.0.2 (updated 15 May 2014)

Latest VCE PRO 1.1 Software       : Visual certexam VCE PRO 1.1  (updated 1st August 2014)

Latest VCE PRO 1.1.5 Software   : Visual certexam VCE PRO 1.1.5  (updated 8th October 2014)

Latest VCE PRO 1.1.6 Software   : Visual certexam VCE PRO 1.1.6  (updated 12th October 2014)

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Latest VCE PRO 1.1.7 Software    : Visual certexam VCE PRO 1.1.7  (updated 14th October 2014)  NEW (Recommended)


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  • Dj 23_05_13

    You are the KING, this patch/loader was so hard to find on the internet amongst all the bull crap that doesn’t work for 1 reason or another, WORKS PERFECTLY.

    • malcolm

      hi sorry but everytime i try to extract these
      files it asks me for a password..
      could you provide me with a pasword for it

  • Steve

    You are the King

  • JKC

    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…

  • Jay

    Thanks, really good, still works

  • saj

    Thanks bro… You are the best!!

  • kumar
    • orlando

      man your an iron man God bless you

    • jazz

      very helpful

  • GeoNed

    can somebody send me a key for vce… my braindumps dont work with the version i have

  • ufdpoint
  • Raf

    You’re a godsend! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I can now use my .vce file. Just a tip: DON’T update to the latest version when asked. You’ll end up with a trial version and you’ll start the installation all over again in order to use the full features.

  • max

    thank you my friend ! you sort us out from a trouble !

    • ufdpoint

      :) welcome

  • jazz

    thanks a lot !!!!!

  • Tushar Malandkar

    thanks my dear friend..u r one of those person on this earth who help other people without without expecting anything from them..god bless u….

  • malcolm

    hi sorry i may sound silly but everytime I try to extract rar files it asks me for a password though I have the full version of winrar

  • Tere


  • Johnny

    Where is the patch file? I only see three files instructions.txt, Visualcertexamsuite3.0.1.exe and visualcertexamsuitesetup.exe.

    • ufdpoint

      Johnny Visual.CertExam.Suite.3.0.1 is patch file (file size 741 KB) .

  • ufdpoint

    Visual Certexam VCE Pro 1.0 available for download

  • ufdpoint

    Latest VCE Software Visual certexam VCE Pro 1.0

  • Kevs011

    It works, thanks a million

  • AJ

    which is the latest version 1.0.2 or 3.4.2?

    • ufdpoint

      1.0.2 is latest
      good luck

  • YSR

    great work bro…..keep it awesome :)

  • Arijit Paul

    unable to open 70-659 file. It says that “file is already in use, possibly by VCE designer”

  • Ritika Chopra

    Hi ,

    I tried downloading and install the same way as u mentioned , but when i try to open exam file , it says request exam key and then gives me error
    http/1.0 403 forbidden

    Please suggest what should I do ?

  • ufdpoint

    VCE PRO 1.1.5 exam simulator :


    Tanxs so much, you have made my sunday

    • ufdpoint